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You wanna make it out to some Wisconsin sports? Your first stop should be www.radiostuffstore.com.

We always have a great time getting you out to Brewer games, Packer games, Badger games (football and basketball), and Bucks games. Most of the time, we even have some sort of tailgate party set up for you when you arrive.

I always have a fun time hosting the buses whenever I get an opportunity to. I try to pick out some good movies to watch along the way to pass the time on the drive. I did the Brewers/Twins game on July 27th, and we watched Major League, The Sandlot, and The Great Outdoors along the trip.

Speaking of that game, here’s a short TikTok on how that trip went. It was a blast, even though I left in an entirely different wardrobe than I came in with. That’s a story for another day.


Always check www.radiostuffstore.com for bus trips to Brewers/Packers/Badgers/Bucks bus trips! #Brewers #Twins #BusTrip #Wisconsin #ThisIsMyCrew

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