The Summer Party Tip – Staying cool this summer

This recent heat is DEFINITELY not my jam. I despise anything in the 80’s or above.

Unless it’s in the 50’s outdoors & I hop in the hot tub, which I keep at a glorious 104° all year. Don’t spend much time in the hot tub in the summer, but it’s REALLY nice in the spring & fall. And on the weekends I jump in there early in the morning before it becomes unbearable.

In the house, I’ve got the AC set at 64 degrees, but only because I have a wife & dogs. I’d prefer it was in the 50’s, and I’m pretty sure that it’s around 58 degrees in the basement. We’ve got a big dehumidifier that runs constantly to suck all the humidity out of the air, and it’s cold enough down there that I can see my breath. Plus, no windows! It’s my perfect place.

I hate being hot. I despise it. Loathe it. So, keeping cool in the summer months is my absolute priority.

And here’s a few tips for cooling down that you might want to try if you also eschew the brutality of summer.

The obvious things include staying in the shade, wearing less clothing, staying indoors with the AC, etc.

But did you know that switching the direction of your ceiling fan’s rotation in the summer can help you save energy & stay cooler? Run fans counterclockwise in the sweltering season to optimize energy use. When winter hits, reverse the fans to circulate warm air and help keep the heating bills down.

You should be drinking more water regardless of what the temps are, but staying hydrated during the sweltering heat in the summer is even more important. And so is your diet!

Help keep your core temperature down by eating smaller meals and choosing cooling foods like cucumbers, salads, vegetables and fruits.

Try Vitamin C! Researchers at the University of Alabama found that vitamin C increases your tolerance for heat by delaying sweat gland fatigue, which reduces the occurrence of heat exhaustion and prickly heat rash. #ScienceBitch

And speaking of #Science, why not use technology to stay cool? There’s desktop air conditioning units, USB fans, and DharmaSPORT wristband purports to do that by using technology that pulls heat out of your body quickly to cool down your inner core and delaying fatigue.

Another product you might want to try if you don’t mind looking like a dork is The Ice Halo. It’s a wearable ring filled with freezable packets you can wear like a headband.

All of these things can help keep you cool this summer. And if all else fails, just stay inside with the glorious air conditioning like yours truly.

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