Summer Party Tip – Summer survival hacks

Summer is totally here with this 90+ degree weather and the crazy, overnight storms!

And while I don’t appreciate the heat, I do enjoy waking up to some thunder, lightning & heavy rain. Wife & I were supposed to go out on our friends’ boat this weekend, but unfortunately, their boat kinda sank.


When we go out on the boat with friends, we’ll pack a cooler…bring a couple of towels…some snacks…sunscreen. All the essentials for a day on the river. One thing we don’t pack is a charger for our phones. There’s plenty of battery packs you can purchase, but what if you forget to charge that before heading out? And what if the boat you’re on doesn’t have a spot to plug your phone in?

Try a solar charger instead! Keep your phone charged while you’re on the river, at the beach, or wherever you might be this summer by harnessing the power of the one thing that’s never in short supply – the sun. You can get a decent solar charger on Amazon for about $20, and many of them are waterproof, come equipped with an LED flashlight, and are compatible for all cell phones.

When the wife & I are going to have a firepit in the backyard, I always have paper that I use to get the fire started. I bring home paper from work that would otherwise end up in the trash or in a shred-bin, and use it to start my fires(NO permit). It’s a plentiful resource around the office.

But, if you don’t have any paper handy and need something to get the fire going, try the lint from your dryer stuffed inside an empty TP tube or paper towel tube! You can also use old egg cartons stuffed with dryer lint. I don’t know about you, but I just throw away all that lint in the trash barrel by the dryer in our basement. Might start saving it in a plastic bag just for these occasions!

Reduce, reuse, BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another thing I always remember to bring with me is sunscreen. I burn extremely easy, so keeping my clothes on with some heavy-duty sunscreen applied to all my exposed areas is a MUST. Normally, I just grab whatever we’ve got on the shelf for sunscreen, but many of the big-name brands contain chemicals that rank high on the EWG Skin Deep Database. Ingredients that can disrupt your hormones, penetrate your skin and leech into your entire system, and as a person who also has psoriasis, keeping track of my skin’s health is kinda important.

So, I’ve been trying to use mineral sunscreen over the last few years to cut back on all the chemicals in big-brand name sunscreens. And I also stay the f–k outta the sun as much as possible!

Just a couple of summer hacks that you might wanna try this year!

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