Consider Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you work in an office building, chances are, you’re covered in blue light every day. You probably feel the stress and strain on your eyes after a long day. This is what was happening to me.


I come in each day to a building with nothing but fluorescent light. Then I sit at my desk and stare at a computer screen. Then I move to a different room and stare at a different computer screen. Then I come into the Rock Studio, and stare at 3 more screens in front of me. Then of course, I have my phone.
I’d be leaving work with sore eyes by the time I got home. Headaches from it were kinda frequent.

That’s where I had enough and decided to try blue light blocking glasses.
Dear god, what a difference. These last couple of days have been nice. My eyes feel better, and with the slight yellow tint, it actually makes everything seem happier. If that makes any sense.

They’re commonly used by video gamers, but honestly, these are something you should strongly consider if your job has you staring at a computer screen all day. There’s lots of different types out there to fit your style. I happen to have found mine here.

Check em out. You’ll be glad you did.

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