Is It EDM?


The new Jack White song slaps. But is is EDM? Well, maybe. Maybe not.

I hate overclassifying music, or having to slap a label on everything that came out after “insert artist name here” last song and/or album. Plus calling stuff EDM is weak. Just because a song has a riff or piece that sounds like it came out of a Skrillix song does NOT make it EDM.

But anyway, before we all start to argue over categories… JW’s new song: Is it EDM?

I say nope. It is definitely electronica or something. There are a boat-load of new sounds and effects that we’ve not really heard from him before. Most of this song is electronically adjusted or effected. And yes. He played, recorded, and assembled every instrument. The dude is mad skilled.

But EDM is DJ shit played in dance clubs. I don’t see Jack playing this in the hot new club in Miami… so therefore (according to me, at least) it is NOT dot, dot, dot. EDM

Call it whatever you want. What do I care? It just rocks.

What will the rest of his new album sound like? Who knows. I guess we’ll all have to wait until April to find out. Oh, and July too… his second new album comes out in July.


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is it EDM


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