The Best of the Morning Sickness – The one with your “shower personality”

What a week! We kicked things off with the “Monday Morning Throwback“, and we talked about another Wordle spin-off called “Heardle” that is designed for music lovers!

We had Shelly from the Hunger Task Force of La Crosse in studio to talk about the St. Paddy’s Day .01k, and during the “Good News with Slayer” on Tuesday, we talked about an uplifting hotline run by some kids!

We got over the hump on Wednesday by figuring out what our names mean on “Discover What Your Name Means” day…and Shaw once again aced “You’re killin’ me, Shaws”

Does the first body part you wash in the shower say something about your personality? Apparently, a lifestyle “expert” thinks so…..and NASA is going to start figuring out the logistics of having sex in space.

We talked about Ranch dressing on “National Ranch Day”, and Adam Palm stopped by with some new tunes. Also, 2/3rds of Americans refuse to poop at work. Who knew?

Plus, another list of things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend.

Brian Simpson

Unapologetic fan of the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins & Celtics. Lover of powerful, dark beers. Married with NO kids. Ever. Lover of doggos. Not so much cats.

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