All Night


If this can’t improve your morning… then you might be dead. Lionel is the king of smooth. All Day. All Night.

It’s What’s Stuck in Puck’s Head from the Flipside. If you were a kid in the 80’s, Lionel Richie was completely unavoidable. Lionel Richie was on MTV every seven minutes. MTV played music videos back then… there was no such thing as YouTube, and if you wanted to watch a video on the internet, it would take three days to download.

OK, now that I’ve proved that I am a complete dinosaur, just press play and listen to this reeeeeeaaaaly loud:

All Night Long? Dancing On The Ceiling? Dude, I absolutely LOATE ‘Hello’ but dammit if I don’t know every single word to that thing…

Although I may be old, I’m not THAT old. I didn’t know that Lionel Richie was in The Commodores until, like probably 1996. (For those unaware: The Commodores was a band from the 70’s that my parents listened to)

Anyway. This song is a total jam. And, I too. Am going to do it all night. Or at least until, say maybe… 10:30. Maybe 11:00


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All Night


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