How many spots in line can one person save for their friends?

You’ve been there.

You’re waiting in line for something….there’s a few people in front of you…you’ve been waiting for an hour…the next person goes to the register, and then BAM!!!!

A bunch of other people show up and start cutting in front of you. What the frig?

I don’t mind a husband waiting for his wife, or a friend holding a spot for their buddy…but anything more than one(MAYBE two) people showing up late is offensive.

A recent poll asked 10,000 Americans what the MAXIMUM number of spots one person can hold in line and 30% of people said it’s not socially acceptable to join your friends in line at ALL!

Damn. That’s cold.

But, another 29% said that saving a spot for just one person is okay, and only 14% of people said that two spots is permissible.

What about you? How many spots do you think ONE person can save in line for their friend(s)?

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