Four signs you should turn down a job offer.

Just because they offered you the job, doesn’t mean you have to take the job.

There’s a TON of jobs out there right now. You can actually find a lot of local businesses that are hiring at!

Whether it’s full time, part time, temporary…there’s all sorts of jobs out there looking to be filled.

According to a new survey, more that HALF of Americans plan to look for a new job sometime in the next 12 months.

But you don’t have to take the first opportunity that presents itself. Here’s some warning signs to look for if you’re going to be out there interviewing

One: A revolving door. When you’re in the interview, try to find out WHY the position is open & for how long it’s been available. If the company is a bit of a revolving door, it might mean the work sucks or the boss is difficult to work for.

Two: They’re too rigid. If this new gig can be done efficiently from the comfort of home, but the company still requires that you be in the office at all times(especially after the last 18 months), it might be a sign of an inflexible culture. And that ain’t good.

Three: There’s no clear growth path. A recent survey by Monster found that the top two reasons people look for new jobs are burnout & lack of growth opportunities. If the job you’re interviewing for doesn’t have a clear, upward trajectory(and that’s something you’re looking for), it might not be the job for you.

Four: They pressure you. Look, I get it….a lot of businesses are desperate for good help these days. But if the first thing they do after the interview is pressure you to accept the position on the spot, it might be a sign of things to come.

Just remember, you have the upper hand in this environment. Make sure you don’t just settle for something because you need a job. Ask a lot of questions. Get clear, concise answers. Find out as much as you can about a business so that you’re not completely surprised when you walk into your interview.

For some more signs to look for, click here.

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