Pints with Puck: Lift Bridge Fireside Flannel

Let’s face it… Fall is here. Good thing we have good fall beers. Lift Bridge Fireside Flannel definitely is a perfect fit for fall. Campfires, cookouts, tailgate parties, or just on the couch for a game.

Today, I was able to get a hold of Brad from Lift Bridge Brewing Company for a quick chat about the Lift Bridge Fireside Flannel. And, um… Mini Donuts. Listen:

Lift Bridge Fireside Flannel

Sorry, I guess we got a bit sidetracked. So, if you want a better description of Fireside Flannel, here you go: Balance. It’s a very smooth, very drinkable beer that gives you the best of both worlds. There are hints of wheat, roasted malt, toffee, and nuts. It delivers a hint of sweet without being syrupy, and a light hoppy flavor without being bitter. It’s all about notes of flavors and a clean finish, and a desire to have a second… or a third.

Although this may sound conflicting, it has the taste of a complex full-flavored beer, without the heaviness or the alcohol of a big stout or porter. Yeah, a full-flavored, light-tasting beer. Let me stress that again. Light tasting.

Lift Bridge Fireside Flannel is NOT a light beer, but it is low on the ABV (4%) so you can enjoy a few of them (and you’ll want to) without feeling full. Enjoy it ice cold, or I would recommend letting it come up a few degrees for the hazelnut and malt flavors to really shine.

Oktoberfest & Mini Donuts

Hit either of Lift Bridge Brewing Company’s tasting rooms for Oktoberfest. Saturday September 18th in New Richmond, WI or Saturday September 25th in Stillwater, MN. They have commemorative steins, and of course… OKTOBERFEST BEER!!!

While you’re there, you MUST try the Mini Donut Beer that they make each year for the MN State Fair. It’s ridiculous. But you better hurry. They don’t have much left. Brad says they’ll have some for a short time on tap and in crowlers while it lasts.

PS: We were talking about how well Lift Bridge Fireside Flannel pairs with food. I’ve got two words for you: Buffalo. Wings.

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Lift Bridge Fireside Flannel
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