Summer Party Tip – Hangover cures.

It’s inevitable. And as I get older, it’s getting harder & harder to overcome a hangover.

But, after many years of partying a bit too much, I’ve learned a few things about dealing with the dreaded “day after” a bender.

Unfortunately, every hangover isn’t the same. Sometimes, a soak in the hot tub & a nap cure what ails me. Sometimes, it’s a greasy breakfast with a mimosa or bloody to help the pain subside, and sometimes, I just need to lay there, in darkness, moving my head ever-so-slightly to alleviate the pounding in my brain.

But, there are a few tried & true remedies that work MOST of the time.

The first is water. And this one is important. I try to stay hydrated while drinking to help out on the back end.

A lot of experts will suggest alternating between an alcoholic beverage, then a water, then back again…etc. But let’s be honest, that rarely ever happens. Oh sure, you might have some good intentions, but after a few rounds, the water becomes a bit less important. But, trying to drink some water while you’re also downing beers/shots will most definitely help the day after.

Another tip is fruit, not pizza. Look, I’m not telling you to eat healthy. But if you want to ease the throbbing in your skull on Sunday morning, try to eat some fresh fruit before going to bed instead of that Super-Sized value meal, or that large pepperoni. I love pizza & T-Bell at bar time as much as the next guy/gal, but with a tiny bit of pre-planning, you can stash a cup of fresh fruit from KT in your fridge to toss into your guts before hitting the hay.

Have you tried ginger? Apparently, it’s a pretty solid hangover “cure” that’s been around for a looooong time. I’ve never actually gone this route, but when you’re looking up hangover cures online, it continuously pops up.

Final tip here, and this one should be obvious. Pedialyte! The nice thing, is you can drink it, or you can just grab some Pedialyte popsicles to enjoy in the morning. There’s no real science on Pedialyte’s ability to help with a hangover, but it is “designed for fast, effective rehydration”, which you could certainly use after a night of drinking.

There’s plenty of other “cures” available, some of them are natural, some are OTC, some are just old wives’ tales….but if it works, how can it be wrong?

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