The Best of the Morning Sickness – The one with the Gin Blossoms

Hell of a week! The heat finally relented on Monday with highs in the 70’s, and we actually got a little bit of rain.

We started the week with a look at Metallica’s lyrics, and we talked to Tia Sneath from Gundersen about “Steppin’ Out In Pink“!

Summer officially started this past Sunday, so we had some summer facts and a new “Summer Party Tip” on Wednesday.

There was also that story about the drowning sex doll.

Jimmy Heiderscheit came by to talk about The Homeland Conspiracy’s album release party, and we had a great story about the Gin Blossoms taking on a troll on Twitter.

Plus, we discussed which age range was the “best years of your life“, and gave you a list of three things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend.


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