Some facts for the official start of Summer.

Summer OFFICIALLY began on Sunday, even though we’ve been dealing with the really warm weather for a few weeks prior.

Now that Summer is actually here, check out some summer facts:

  • The phrase “dog days of Summer” comes from astronomy. Sirius is called the “Dog Star” and rises in late July. In ancient Greece, the “dog days” referred to the hottest part of the year.
  • The world’s largest scoop of ice cream weighed 3,010lbs and was created by Kemps in Cedarburg, WI at the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival back in 2014. They then proceeded to hand out free scoops of it all weekend long!
  • People tend to be happier in the Summer. A study in 2011 analyzed tweets from over 2.4 million people and (surprise) found that we’re much happier when the weather is nicer.
  • It gets BIGGER during the summer. No, not that. Actually, the Eiffel Tower gets six inches taller every Summer because the metal expands from the heat.
  • We’ll eat about 150 MILLION hot dogs on the 4th of July weekend this year. Which is enough to stretch across the country more then five times.
  • There’s enough water in an Olympic-sized swimming pool to take about 9,400 baths. That’s enough for one bath per day for 25 years!
  • Americans drink about three BILLION gallons of iced tea a year. According to the National Tea Association, about 75% of all the tea we drink here is of the “iced” variety.
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