Take naps. Get paid.

Love me a good nap. On a rainy day like today, I’m definitely going to try and sneak one in this afternoon.

I’m a couch napper. I feel like if I get in the bed to nap, I’m shutting it down for the day. I’d rather recline all the way back while watching something on TV and drift off for an hour or so.

If you’re into napping like me, then EachNight.com is looking for you!

They’re going to pay five people $1,500 to take naps!

EachNight is a website that reviews mattresses and produces in-depth guides on sleep health, and right now, they are looking for guinea pigs to “to test a few theories behind the pros and cons of napping.

If you get “hired”, you’ll nap every day for 30 days. Naps will differ in length and will help determine how a midday sleep helps memory, motivation and productivity.

You must be over 18 to apply, and you’ve got until the end of May to submit an application here.

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