The Best of the Morning Sickness – The one with 4/20

This week, we kicked things off with a pretty damn good list of the “Top 25 Albums of the 80’s“, and we played a Simpsons-edition of “Fact or Bullcrap” on the anniversary of their premiere on FOX.

Plus, we talked about the most stressful people in our lives, and on 4/20, we ran down a list of some euphemisms for smoking reefer. We discussed our favorite drunk fast-foods, and had some conversation starters for when you’re standing in line for your vaccine.

Shaw once again dominated during “You’re killin’ me, Shaws”, and on Earth Day, we talked about the stuff we actually enjoy doing to help Mother Earth. 

Also, some of the stuff that doesn’t get cleaned often enough around our house, and an interview with Eric Olson about “Fishing with a Pro“!

And of course, three things to do in & around La Crosse this weekend!

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