Things in our house we don’t clean enough.

Doorknobs. I never remember to clean the damn things…but they’re probably the dirtiest thing in almost any home.

Obviously, when you’re cleaning the house, you sweep, mop, do the windows, clean the toilets, etc…..

But what about all those other things that NEVER get cleaned? Just sitting there, collecting dust, grime & funk?

During the pandemic, I’m sure that many people have taken extra steps to be even cleaner than ever before…but there’s always some stuff that gets forgotten or overlooked.

Most people thing your toilet is the dirtiest thing in the house. All the naked bums that touch it…the poop, the pee…who knows what other bodily fluids….but it’s actual your doorknobs, light switches and remotes that have the most bacteria.

A new survey asked people to name the stuff in their home that they regularly clean….and here’s the then things that we hardly ever clean:

  1. Keys
  2. Remote controls
  3. Keyboards
  4. Mouse
  5. Phones
  6. Light switches
  7. Door handles
  8. Video game controllers
  9. Doors & handles of your cabinets
  10. Railings/banisters on your stairs

I’ll admit, I was tempted to buy one of those UV phone cleaner things recently….

But I never cared about all the poop and fecal matter on my phone before….why start caring now?

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