The most stressful person in your life is……….?

Is it your boss? Your spouse? Your coworker?


Thankfully, I don’t have kids. Because they look like nothing but stress.

No thanks!

Obviously, we love the weekends. Most people aren’t working on Saturday & Sunday, so you’d think that their boss is the most stressful person in their life.

But according to a new survey, “spouse or partner” was the most stressful person in your life, with 14% of the vote.

I suppose, they’re the person you’re closest to, and they have all the little quirks that drive you nuts.

Sure, you love them and enjoy being with them, but NOBODY can annoy you like someone you’re that close with.

Not to worry, the boss makes his appearance on the list of the most stressful person in your life almost immediately!

Surprised to see “kids” coming in AFTER parents.

As for relieving that stress, listening to music is the most popular choice, followed by watching TV or movies.

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