You takin’ a “mystery flight”?

Honestly, I may never get on a plane again.

Not because of Covid, but because I hate dealing with people. And the airport is the 7th level of Hell when it comes to that.

In my life, I’ve flown about a dozen or so times, and for the most part, it’s always been a decent experience. No major delays, no major issues with the plane, no Karens on board starting shit.

WARNING: Seriously NSFW language in this video:

But from now on, I think we’ll just drive. We have a trip planned to the East coast this year to visit my mom & my friends, and we want to stop at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, maybe check out the Notre Dame campus, try to get to Niagara Falls. Makes way more sense to just drive than have to constantly deal with the stress of being in an airport.

But, if flying & adventure is your thing, Qantas is now offering something called a “mystery flight“, where you basically purchase a plane ticket, get on the plane, and end up……………………..somewhere.

Obviously, this is only in Australia, but there are several similar services offered here in the States. The cool thing is that they don’t just fly you somewhere & drop you off….there’s a whole itinerary of stuff to do once you get to your mystery destination.

The all-inclusive fares with Qantas include meals, beverages and activities, and start at about $740 for Economy Class and $1,600 for Business Class.

And wouldn’t you know it, they’re all sold out!

I can almost guarantee that with the success of these flights, we’ll see more & more of this sorta thing in the future.

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