Skills we wish we’d learned in school.

Typing class was probably the most important class I ever took in high school. Back then, they called it “Keyboarding”.

Without it, I’d be the “hunt & peck” guy on his computer/laptop/etc.

Thankfully, I learned how to type, and 25+ years later, I use that skill almost every single day.

I feel like I had a good cross-section of classes when I was in school. Obviously, there’s a lot of shit you HAVE to take, like English, math, etc…..but I also took some shop classes, Home Ec, and French.

Yeah. French.

I took five years of French. And now look at me. What a waste.

However, I grew up on the East Coast, and in the 80’s & 90’s, French was more prevalent in our local communities than Spanish. Thankfully, I also took a couple of years of Spanish, so I’ve got a tiny bit of that under my belt.

There’s a lot of garbage that I learned that I’ve never used in my adult life, and there’s PLENTY of things I wish I’d learned back then that would certainly help me now.

Even though I took Economics, the ability to invest and understand the markets could be an immensely helpful ability.

According to a new survey, 83% of parents think schools should spend more time teaching important “life skills” to go along with all the standard bullshit.

The top 10 life skills we wish we’d learned are:

  1. How to save money
  2. How to budget & organize your finances
  3. How to invest
  4. How to take care of your mental health
  5. How taxes work
  6. How to be confident
  7. How to cook basic meals
  8. How to start a business
  9. How to buy a house
  10. How to create a resume

Changing a car tire & learning to code were also in the top 20. Definitely a couple of possibly useful skills.

Check out the breakdown of the survey here.

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