Use your fist.

Yesterday, we told you about that winery in CA that’s looking to pay someone $10k/month for an entire year to move out there and learn about the wine making industry.

Hell of a deal if you dream about making it as a vintner or sommelier.

But what if you hate wine?

Lucky for you, Fistful of Bourbon is looking for their first ever “spokesfist”!

And they’ll pay you $100,000 for your services!

Just for holding their bottle!

That’s right, you could be a bourbon hand model.

The winner of this contest will get paid handsomely to appear in their upcoming print, TV, & web advertising campaigns. On top of the cool cash, you’ll get a custom-designed bottle and some spa treatments for your hand!

Must be 25 or older & authorized to work in the US to enter the contest for the “Spokesfist” gig.

Basically, you fill out an application, tell them why you’re the perfect candidate, and of course, include a pic of your paw!

All the info is here.

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