Drink wine. Get paid.

For some, this would be a DREAM job….but for me, it’d be a nightmare.

I hate wine. I think it’s gross. The only kinda wine that I can sorta drink is riesling, and even that’s pushing the boundaries for me.

I’ll drink beer all day, and enjoy some Jamo straight out of the bottle. But if you hand me a glass of vino, I’m out.

But if you LOVE wine, then this gig is for you.

Murphy-Goode Winery in CA is hiring someone to move to wine country for a year, drink wine, & learn about the wine industry.

And they’re paying you a LOT.

Like $120,000!!!

Yeah, they’ll give you a free place to live, and ten grand per month for the entire year along with 30 cases of their wine.

Damn, dude…I might have to change my tune about this one.

They’re looking for “wine lovers….looking for a change in your career and to pursue your passion…..we will work with you and your passions to help you choose your path in the wine business”

If you’re interested in the gig, you have to submit a video by the end of June telling them why you want the job.

Obviously, you gotta be 21 or older by June 30th of 2021 to get the gig, must be eligible to move to CA for the job.

For all the info & to apply, click here.

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