Friday Plans

It’s Friday and you know what that means! Right? I mean yea, I know what it means I’m just testing you. We’re on the same page, everything is how it’s supposed to be.

I can’t be the only one who struggles to make plans for the weekend these days. It’s almost as hard to make plans as it is to figure out what you want for dinner.

Tomorrow thankfully I don’t have to decide anything since it’s the .01k so I got that going for me which is nice.

But tonight remains a mystery. Maybe I’ll drink some beers. Maybe I’ll clean out the garage. Maybe I’ll watch Smackdown. Maybe I’ll walk around the block. Maybe I’ll finish this blog.

They say at 2:52pm people go from work mode to weekend mode. The present time is 4:12pm and I believe I am in weekend mode. I even have my Weekend shirt on.

I made it myself! Thanks!

Let’s enjoy the weekend and try not to think too much, that shit sucks sometimes. Cheers!

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