Who’d you rather? Age edition.

Hypothetically speaking, if you could choose any age to live the rest of your life, how old would you be?

According to a recent survey, it’s 36.

Me, I’d go younger. Probably closer to age 30 or 31.

I moved to Wisconsin when I was 27 and my first couple of years here were not the best. But after a few years of bouncing around from place to place and working as “Bender’ on Z93 for two years, I finally got the hosting gig for the Morning Sickness here on 95.7 The Rock and life started really trending in the right direction.

I was having fun, was in MUCH better health, and I could drink all night and still get up and function in the morning.

Now, I need a whole weekend to recover from a Friday night downtown.

So, 30 or 31 would be the choice for me.

But what about you? What age would you pick?

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Brian Simpson

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