The average American has FIVE of these….

According to a new poll, the average American has five expired items in their fridge.

I was intrigued by this because we have quite a few condiments and pickled items(Sunday bloodies!) on our fridge door, so I decided to investigate.

We have a nice variety of things in there, including ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo, a couple of Ranch dressings, some parmesan cheese, a few different jellies, some random nips of booze, and a couple of various hot sauces.

To be honest, I was kinda expecting to have more than five expired items in the fridge, but after inspecting the dates on everything that was in there, we have EXACTLY five!

A couple of sour creams, a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s, some relish, and a smidge of Ranch in a bottle.

All past due.

I was also surprised to find out how many items in our fridge either did NOT have an expiration date, or the date was completely illegible.

Some other interesting stats from a recent study of the things that go bad in our fridge:

  1. It takes an average of five weeks after something has gone bad in our fridge before we’ll investigate the smell.
  2. Around 2/3rds of people said they have more leftovers in their fridge than they normally would.
  3. The things that annoy us the most about forgotten leftovers are: wasting food, the clean-up, the smell, and wasting cooking time when you had something you could just heat up.
  4. 48% of us have thrown out an entire container of leftovers, including the container/Tupperware, because it was too gross to wash.
  5. The last time the average person cleaned out their fridge was in early September.

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