I want to play a game.

There’s a recent online “game” I was just made aware of by Geekologie.com called “City Guesser

The game launched last August and there’s NO ads(yet).

It allows you to choose a location(USA, Europe, the world, monuments, etc) and a difficulty.

After you choose, you get a first-person video of someone walking around in a particular location. You can rewind the video, speed it up or slow it down, pause it, or start guessing!

Obviously, the key is too look for license plates, iconic buildings or monuments, etc.

Once you place your guess, it’ll tell you how far off you were.

The videos are high quality, and include audio. However, you cannot rotate the camera at all.

I just started messing around with this and could TOTALLY see myself wasting hours upon hours here.

There’s a new “Streaks” mode and a “Challenges” mode as well.

If you’re into geography, or travel, or just want to test your wits, you HAVE to check out City Guesser!

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