$800 for a Hoodie?

Seriously? How much? What is the maximum that you would pay for a good hoodie? $40? $50? $80? Would you pay over a hundo? MORE?!?


… for a hoodie. That’s a hooded sweatshirt. A. Sweat. Shirt. $800. Nope.

for reference… take a look at this: 24 Best Hoodies for Men

Now, I would probably try the UNIQLO hoodie ($39.99) because that’s a decent, semi-famous brand. I’m not a big fan of the tight neck hoodies, so then again, maybe not, but nice price.

I own a Carhartt. Had it for over a decade. Still looks brand new. (except for the coffee stain) Pretty near bulletproof. (not coffeeproof) You should get one. It might be the best forty bucks you ever spend on clothes.

I was surprised that NIKE ($55) was so low priced. They are usually more expensive, and most of their gear is usually pretty durable. I understand Champion ($70) People love that brand, but with me being cheap… that’s probably my ceiling for a sweatshirt.

YES. I’m Cheap. And yes, I’m old… or better yet old-school. (not me in the picture BTW)

Now, my dad would roll over in his grave if he ever found out that I paid $70 for a sweatshirt… and he’s still alive.

Here’s were it gets ridiculous. Lululemon. Even though we can all agree that the world loves you for making see-thru yoga pants… there’s NO WAY I’m giving you $148 bucks for a shirt that you want me to sweat profusely in… Ladies? Please keep buying their yoga pants. You look fantastic in them. Since nobody wants to see my butt, I will just wear my $9.99 Reebok shorts.

Denim Tears? OK, Tremaine Emory is internet famous, so… I’ll give him a pass. Although IT IS a dumb name… and it’s just a blue sweatshirt. Like the one in the pic of the old guy.

Pretty sure that one didn’t cost $160.

Next up, is a thin-ass zippy from JAMES PERSE ($215). Now, I don’t know who this dude is, or why he thinks that anyone should pay over $200 for his lame-ass zippy hood…. but his webpage spouts all over the place about “Living the California Lifestyle”

Please. Like anyone in California needs a hoodie. Let alone a $215 hooded sweatshirt. The next one of you ***holes that complains about being cold when it’s 65, is getting hit in the face with a hot sack of nickels.

Now we ride to the level of absolute insanity. Fashion. You’re buying an illusion. Not a sweatshirt. If you’re considering any of the last few on this list, you need to have your head examined.

First off, NOBODY, should EVER… wear velour. Unless you’re a rap artist from the early 90’s. Then go nuts. You’re NOT a rap artist from the early 90’s? Then don’t buy the NEEDLES Velour Plush Popover Hoodie for $339 Certainly don’t wear it.

Finally; the last four, range between $400 and $800… and I remind you… FOR A SWEATSHIRT! I don’t care how soft it is, or if it’s weaved with the highest quality yarn made from virgin baby llama paws, or that it’s locally sourced and cruelty free, or whatever the hot term is this month.

THERE AIN’T NO-WAY. Anyone. Should EVER. Pay $800 for a freakin’ sweatshirt. You could get 20 Carhartt hoodies for that. One in every color you want. And I guarantee that you’d DIE before they wore out.

$800. You must be cracked. For $800, that thing better drive me to work every morning… or do my taxes.

Besides. Your S.O. is just going to steal it anyway


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