Home Improvement With Decker.

This is truly new ground for me. I’m not a total novice in home improvement but I certainly have never done the things we have planned. The Wife and I decided that we should get new counter tops since the ones we currently have are old, stained and cracking. So we bought some butcher board and are getting them ready to be installed.

I honestly thought it would be a ton of money but it wasn’t too bad! Everything we’ve done for the house seems to cost about $500 more than what we planned on which then becomes a grand. Though it looks good, it has put a good hurting on your dudes pocketbook. Do people have pocketbooks anymore? What is a pocketbook? Like a paperback copy of “A Tale of Two Cites”? Where was I? Ah yes, counter tops! We are halfway through sealing them as you can see here.

My god what a beautiful shirt.

Side note, next time you go on a vacation with some pals get a picture of you all printed on a t-shirt. It was 100% worth the $40.

We’re going with a W@)^&@ox sealer, no free plugs nice try, which according to the many blog posts we read is the best route to go. See reading blogs IS important! Look at you making your life richer by consuming the written word, proud of you!

We are also planning on doing a new back splash because what we had looked like the inside of a spaceship in a B-Movie and just didn’t fit our vibe. So I peeled it off, almost died doing it too! I accidently dropped it on the back of a light switch and there were big time sparks, thought I was toast. After my near, near death experience I got the rest off to find quite the timeline of questionable design decisions. Take a look and let me know what you think.

If you’re wondering what the brown stuff is on the wall so am I. The wallpaper is on what feels like a counter top which is also construction glued to the wall. That’ll be fun to take off. We’re going to put up some tile over that which will be an adventure in learning for your dude here. So that’s what I have to look forward to this weekend and most likely the next month or so. I’ll keep you all posted because I care.

Update on the jean vest, it still has sleeves.

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