Do you need a poop knife?

My buddy Fuzzbang probably does.

Hell, we all probably do.

Sometimes, after a weekend of debauchery, you show up to work on Monday with a special concoction in your guts that starts bubbling the moment your coffee hits your lips.

After holding that sucker in for awhile, you can’t wait any longer.

You make it to the bathroom just in time and put a serious hurtin’ on the precious porcelain.

It’s a world record. No doubt in your mind. But how the hell are you going to get that thing down the drain?

You can’t be “that” guy.

You know him. The guy who clogs the toilet at work. He’s an a-hole.

Poop-water all over the floor. Nasty.

So, you pull your handy-dandy poop knife out of your pocket & cut that thing in half & send it to a watery grave at the bottom of the Mississippi River.

Mission accomplished.

Sure, it says “gag gift”, but that thing could save you from a lifetime of embarrassment.

Get one on Prime for only $20!

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