I’m Gonna Make A Jean Vest, Will The Wife Help Me?

This story will need an appropriate soundtrack. When talking jean vests, you must have this song on.

There, that’s better. I found a jean jacket at work the other day that had a sign that read “free” on it. I have long wanted to make my own jean vest but seeing as they are expensive? I honestly have no idea if they would be and I’m not going to take the amount of time it takes for me to write this sentence to look it up, nice try nerds. So finding this jacket for free and in my size seemed like a gift from the heavens. Moses had manna, Decker gets jean jackets.

I brought it home and explained to The Wife that I was going to make it into a “battle vest” so I could wear it to festivals and look like the badass I am. She reminded me that I am no badass and I agreed. I asked her to get the kitchen sheers so I could cut the sleeves off and make this vest a reality. She said, “I’m gonna look up how to make this into a vest before we try anything crazy.” Reasonable.

That was a few days ago though and as of writing this blog the jacket remains with sleeves. Which brings up the question, will The Wife actually help me make this vest? Or is she playing a long game with me, hoping that I’d forget about it and she can quietly throw it away like she did to my sweat shorts? Both are entirely plausible and give me great stress.

I’ll keep you all updated as to the status of my battle vest as time goes by. Wish me luck, I’ll need it.

Here’s me holding an alligator to prove I am super badass.

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