Who’d you rather???? Work edition.

Would you rather:

  • Get a 10% raise?

  • Get an extra day off every month?

I’m taking the raise every day, and twice on Sunday.

But, I’m apparently in the minority. A new survey found that three out of every five Americans would rather have the extra day off to deal with “life shit” like paying bills, doctor appointments, oil changes, etc.

I guess when you get up at 3am and are done with work by 11am or so, you take for granted that some people work all damn day during normal business hours and probably have a hard time getting some stuff done.

But in this day & age, where you can pay all your bills online automatically, renew your plates on the DMV website, or get food delivered to you almost any hour of the day, who needs that extra time off?

So, who’d you rather?

The time off or the extra pay??

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