My review of Season 3 of Cobra Kai.

Season 3 of Cobra Kai hit Netflix this Friday and like millions of other people, the wife & I said down on Friday morning and binged the entire season.


At the end of Season Two, Miguel is paralyzed, Kreese has taken over Cobra Kai dojo, Johnny missed his friend request from Ali, and Robbie is on the run.

Season three was okay for the most part. But I do have some complaints.

  1. Why are they even bothering to have Daniel & Amanda’s son, Anthony, on the show? He wasn’t a factor in the first two seasons and made a VERY brief appearance in season three. Unless he’s going to become a karate wizard in season four, just get rid of him.
  2. Can we stop making Johnny so inept when it comes to phones/social media/etc? He’s been hanging out with Miguel long enough to have figured out some of this stuff. He can’t seriously think that a wireless computer doesn’t need to be plugged into an outlet. C’mon, now.
  3. We’re just going to forgive Hawk for everything cause he had a sudden change of heart during the attack at the LaRusso’s house? Dude broke Demetri’s arm & stole Miyagi’s Medall of Honor and we’re just okay with all that now? I don’t think so.

All in all, it was another nice trip down memory lane, with some depth added to Kreese’s personality with the flashbacks to his time in Vietnam, and Daniel found out that Miyagi-do karate isn’t just about defense.

Obviously, they’ll be bringing back Terry Silver in season four, and hopefully Mike Barnes! Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hilary Swank show up at some point.

However, if they bring back Robin Lively from “Karate Kid Part 3” and don’t reference the classic “Top That” video, then I’m done watching Cobra Kai.

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