Top ranked Netflix programs of 2020.

Like many of you, I watched a LOT of stuff on Netflix this year.

Wife & I just got done bingeing seasons 1 & 2 of “Cobra Kai” and to say I’m anxiously awaiting season 3 is an understatement!!!!!

(Even if that fight at school was a bit over-the-top)

I also just binged “The Ripper” last weekend and I definitely recommend you give it a watch. It’s only four episodes long and each episode is under an hour, so you can get through it rather quickly.

Hard to believe that “The Tiger King” was almost a year ago. It’s even harder to believe that we had that dude in the studio a number of years ago!

I also binged season 2 of “The Umbrella Academy”, “Unsolved Mysteries”(meh), “The Haunting of Bly Manor”, and many others this year.

Streaming service tracker “ReelGood” dug through all of Netflix’s daily Top 10 reports to compile a list of the most popular programs throughout this year. The top 10 are:

  1. CoComelon (I had no idea what this was, but I also don’t have kids)
  2. The Office (This show is NOT funny)
  3. The Queen’s Gambit
  4. Tiger King
  5. Ozark (The fourth & final season should be out sometime next year, fingers crossed!)
  6. Outer Banks
  7. The Umbrella Academy
  8. Unsolved Mysteries(meh)
  9. Cobra Kai (Season three on 1/8/21!!!!)
  10. Love is Blind

Check out the rest of the top 50 here.

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