Weekends With Decker!

It’s been awhile since I’ve a weekend that is noteworthy. I had one this weekend though and boy howdy was it needed! The Wife and I baked for most of Saturday, I drank beers, I drank Ol Fashions, we ate good foods and I only snuck like half the Christmas cookies we baked.

Earlier today one of my bosses asked how my weekend was and I said, “It was good! I got drunk and baked!” The should’ve been a longer pause in there I now realize. Jokes on them though! I had asparagus for lunch today and if they piss test me everyone will throw up because the stench, I know from experience. Seriously though, I threw up. It was bad. With all these GMO foods out there how have we not figured out an asparagus that doesn’t make your pee smell like the underside of a rotting corpse? We can send a man to the moon and yet here I am with stinky pee, unreal.

Anyways here’s how the weekend looked from my camera!


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