Are you hanging your Xmas tree lights wrong?

We picked up our Christmas tree on Friday evening at the lot between 608 Brewing & Smokes 4 Less.

We’ve been getting our tree from there for a number of years and have always had very good luck with our trees.

We put it in the stand in the garage on Friday night with some water so the branches could open up a bit, then I got it set up in the living room on Saturday morning while the wife dragged all the ornaments out of their cave in the basement under the stairs.

As we’ve done for the last 12 years, I start stringing the lights, add the garland, and then the wife puts the ornaments on the tree.

And like many of you, I wrap my lights around the tree, from top to bottom.

But apparently, that’s not the way some people do it.



This method saved me so many times ?#christmasdance #mumslifeinlockdown #festiveness

♬ Rocking Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

Now, if you’re just going to push the tree into a corner, and only one side will be facing the people in your house, I suppose this will work.

But not for us. We have our tree in the front window of our living room, so we can admire it not only from inside of the house, but also for the people walking/driving by the house.

So, go vertical if you want, but I’ll stick with wrapping the lights around the tree like a normal human being.

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