The changes we’ll make for the holidays.

As of right now, our normal Thanksgiving plans are not happening.

In a normal year, we have a big potluck gathering at my wife’s cousin’s house, but it’s highly unlikely this year.

We might have her parents over for a small get-together with just the four of us, but that’ll be about it.

According to a recent poll, a third of people who normally travel for the holidays won’t be traveling this year, according to a new survey.¬† And overall, only 23% of Americans¬†plan to travel.

Here’s six more ways we’ll be changing things up this holiday season because of the pandemic:

  1. Reducing the number of people you invite over.
  2. Go to fewer parties & gatherings.
  3. Buying fewer gifts because money is tight.
  4. Skipping church.
  5. Driving instead of flying.
  6. Not putting up decorations this year.

People are going to skip decorating? That seems a bit much.

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