Building a Deck With Decker

This weekend I had a strong thought, one that I totally believed I could make happen. Replace the boards on my deck. “No prob dude, your name is Decker you got this!” I said to my self over and over as I ripped out rotted board after non-nailed in board. I had a few buddies, my father in law and my uncle who coincidentally was also the only person who had any clue as to what to do, working with me so I figured the project wouldn’t be a big damn deal. But it was a big damn deal!

Ahh the look of hope before all the hard work started.

As we continued trudging through the mess that was my deck we at least got part of a system going and moved as fast as our broken and hungover bodies would let us.

Re-framing was fun! 10/10 would recommend!

Lucky for us it didn’t rain or snow here so at least we got that going for us.

The best part is it’s not even done yet AND because it was so much hard work none of my friends will come back to finish it unless I double their beer pay. So for now the deck lays 3/4 done with no steps or fence, but it does has some blood from everyone who worked on it on it somewhere! Will there be a video of me finishing this on my own? maybe. If anyone needs me I’ll be sitting on my couch in a full body cast from soreness. T’s and P’s appreciated!

**Huge disclaimer! I am eternally grateful to these guys who helped and I probably owe the a lot more than the case of beer and pizza I got them.

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