It’s about friggin’ time!

If you know me at all, you know that I’m a bit of a collector.

Now, I don’t actively collect much of anything anymore other than excess weight and grey hair, but back in my late teens & early 20’s, I was buying everything from wrestling figures, to Simpsons memorabilia, to Transformers G1 toys.

Occasionally, I’ll see something at a store that I just have to possess, but nowadays, I tend to opt for the hard-to-find, rare items that you can really only find online. The stuff that floods the store shelves is okay, but it has no unique value.

One of the things I tend to purchase are Funko Pop figurines. They’re cute, there’s about a zillion of them, and they don’t take up much space.

And I’m definitely going to be getting my hands on these! In fact, I just preordered the set!

Yup. Rather than a generic bunch of Sunny figures, they went right to Season 4’s “The Nightman Cometh” episode for these beauties!

You can pre-order them on Amazon here for just $10.99/figure and expect delivery in December!

A MUST-have for any Sunny fan!

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