Seriously, Where Is Waldo?

This morning I took The Wife to breakfast at a well known downtown establishment known for having breakfast (no free plugs in my blog!). While there we noticed the wall in the booths had a Where’s Waldo print so we started to try and find that elusive striped man.

Then we kept looking. And looking. Finally the server came over and asked how we were doing, to which I responded, “We’re good we just can’t find Waldo.” She told us to google it to find the answers then told us there’s a wizard and Waldo’s wife in the pic too. There’s more people we have to find?! Outrageous.

So onto the internet we go to find the answers we so desperately desired. We searched and searched and yet found no results. Our breakfast now in peril of getting cold we finally came across a page that said this heartbreaking message. “Many of the prints sent out edited out Waldo because there wasn’t enough room for him on the page.”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! We spent at least 20 min staring at this dumb print. I felt like Willam in Mallrats staring at that picture trying to see the sailboat.

The moral of the story is Waldo should stop making us find him when it’s obvious he needs to find himself. And his wife. And a wizard for some reason. Anyways enjoy some Coach Steve highlights from Big Mouth! I had a joke I was going to use from the show but I forgot it.

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