My Trip to the E.R. Last Night.

I’m not ashamed to say my body is most definitely not a wonderland. My bones creak every morning, my hands are riddled with scars and screws, and my knees are basically there for show. So imagine my surprise when my ankle decided to start hurting. It started as a slow pain that I could handle. Last night though was the most pain I have felt since I got blindsided by a cowardly cornerback from U-M Crookston. If I remembered the rest of the game I’d probably be more pissed but here I am still unsure who won the game. Pretty sure it was us…

But I digest! Last night I hobbled my broken body to the door and The Wife immediately told me I had to go to the E.R. and there we went. I limped in the door checked in a was brought to a room. Here’s me there!

Obviously having a great time!

So the doctor walks in diagonsises(no sure what word to use there) me Achilles tendonitis and tells me I have to wear a boot. Cool, things seem normal now.

So in walks this other nurse and he tells me I’m gonna get set up for a boot, which I already knew, and then says I need to make a phone call and register. Not him making a call, ME. He dials a number hands me the phone and fucks off to who knows where and there I am not sure what why I am making a phone call nor who I’m about to talk to. Here’s my look of absolute confusion.

What am I supposed to do with my hands?

Someone picks up and I say, “Hi…I don’t know why I’m on the phone with you.” Which was responded with, “I don’t know why you’re on the phone with me either. Who are you and what’s happening?” I respond with, “I literally have no idea. Some nurse handed me the phone and told me to get registered. I think I’m supposed to get a boot?” She responds with, “Well I don’t do that here.”

After FIVE entire minutes on the phone we finally figure out what is going on and things got back on track. Then the boot fitting started. I have big feet, size 16 (humble brag) so fitting in on was a treat. But they gave me some super strength ibuprofen and sent me home.

So now I’m crippled and hobbling around the station with this beauty.

T’s and P’s are appreciated.

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