You’re not old until…..

You’re 77! According to a new survey of people over the age of 65, that’s the benchmark for “feeling old”.

Man…I’m only 44 and some days I feel like I’m a step away from the grave.

The survey also asked people what the best things are about getting old and the top ten were:

  1. Having more free time
  2. Not feeling pressure to do anything you don’t want to
  3. Having grandkids
  4. Finding happiness in the little things
  5. Realizing there’s more to life than work
  6. Wearing clothes for comfort, not style
  7. Not caring what other people think anymore
  8. Finally having a clear idea of what’s important in life
  9. All the discounts!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Not having to worry about the future

To see the rest of the responses, click here.

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