Visit the Orgasm Ghost!

I wouldn’t want to go to Florida right now. They’re setting records almost daily for positive Coronavirus cases.

Not to mention, the weather in WI this time of year is warm enough.

But, sometime during the winter, sunny Florida wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Apparently, there’s a hotel down there that’s haunted by the Orgasm Ghost and women are “flocking” to stay there.

No, it’s not Hotel Coral Essex…

it’s the Amber Tides Motel in Clearwater Beach!

Nice pool, btw!

And according to a bunch of actual women who’ve stayed at the hotel, there’s a room that’s haunted by a spirit with overpowering sexual energy.

So, what happens when you stay in the allegedly haunted room?

According to one woman, you have a few glasses of wine, order some Skinemax from the PPV in the room, and let your fingers do the rest.

That’s when Mr. Sex Ghost shows up, shakes the bed, flicks the lights on & off, and that’s when the apparition starts getting rather “handsy”.

To read more about the Orgasm Ghost, click here.

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