Only $249!

If you think a simple, cloth mask isn’t enough protection during the Coronavirus pandemic, now you can get a BioVYZR PPE!

They describe it as a “consumer-grade Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) that filters your air and shields your personal space,” and you can score one on their website for only $249.

It’s got an anti-fogging face shiel, a 12-hour battery life, three airflow settings, and a USB port so you can plug it in & charge it!

They’ve even got kid-sized versions!

Reminds me of Dr. Evil’s moon suit.

The initial crowd-funding campaign raised over $500,000 and the pre-oreders are sold out. But a new shipping date for the next batch of orders is slated for mid-August.

Check out the vyzertech website for more info.


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