The most common “silver linings” we’ve found.

We’ve done our best here on the station to be “business as usual” during the whole Coronavirus situation. Obviously, it’s a serious issue & deserves our attention, but we also want to offer people a break from that sometimes overwhelming seriousness.

Whether it was our charity golf outing, or our annual Big Bikes ride, or even the 65 Days of Summer, we’ve done our best to be safe, provide entertainment, and continue to do what we can to help our community through the Rock Foundation.

And even though we’ve gone through some pretty rough times the last few months, there’s no shortage of good things that have happened, either.

A recent survey asked people to name their top “silver linings” during the crisis, and here’s the results:

  1. It’s actually SAVED you money. 28% said it has.
  2. More quality time with friends and family. 28% of people also said this.
  3. More free time in general.
  4. A better grip on the challenges other people face. Like unemployment and childcare issues.
  5. More appreciation for things you used to take for granted.
  6. More grateful for your health.
  7. More time to check in on people.
  8. You’ve eaten healthier. Maybe because we’ve had more time to cook.
  9. You’ve had a chance to reflect on what’s really important in life.
  10. Being more aware of your health in general.
  11. Getting back in touch with friends or family you hadn’t heard from in a while.
  12. More quality time with your pets.
  13. Exercising MORE than usual. 21% agreed with that.
  14. It’s given you a chance to do something nice for someone.
  15. You learned a new skill

What has been your “silver lining” during the Coronavirus?

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