Would you walk through a disinfectant spray to see a show?

Not sure how much this will help.

As concert-goers continue to see their hopes for live shows in 2020 get cancelled or postponed, we look to a time when we might actually be able to enjoy a concert with way-too-expensive beers in an intimate venue with a few hundred or so other music lovers.

I’m sure that concerts of the future will include taking temps at the door, more hand-sanitizer in the bathrooms and at the bar, masks for anybody in the building, and maybe 50% capacity.

But a disinfectant spray that you walk through as you enter the venue?

Yup. That’s an idea currently being tossed around as a possible requirement before you can attend a concert.

I give points for the idea, but not sure if I want to walk through a cloud of chemicals just to see a show.

Would you?

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