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Even though we now have a cat in our house and I enjoy his company, I’m still a dog person.

We might never get another cat after Cricket. He’s nice enough, but there’s soooooo many annoying things about cats.

The clawing, the stench of the litter box, the cat hair all over everything, his need to get onto the counter & on top of the cabinets, the ass-in-the-face thing…

Thankfully, I’m already married. Because according to a new survey, cats also hurt your shot at a mate.

Researchers at Colorado State University took pics of various men, one pic by themselves & another pic of them holding a cat.

Then, they had 700 women rate the photos.

The data showed that the pics of the men holding cats were seen as less masculine & less date-able.

They were also seen as “more neurotic” when holding the cat.

Reading the outcome of this “research” made me wonder how much money they got to conduct this study/survey. Is someone seriously funding this?

One good thing for cat-guys, though. A cat-lady said the guys were equally date-able, regardless of the photo.

Check out the results here.

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