Rules of the House.

Rules of the house when I was growing up….

Not necessarily in any order:

  1. No friends in the house when my parents weren’t home.
  2. Leave a note when I was going to be out for the afternoon
  3. Be home by dark
  4. Change into your “play clothes” after getting home from school before going out to play

That was about it as a small kid. There was plenty of other rules in my house and certainly standards to live by, but those were the main ones.

I was a latch-key kid, so I’d be home alone after school for a few hours and my parents DEFINITELY didn’t want my friends over to encourage my terrible tendencies to wreak havoc.

Obviously, before cellphones, leaving a note was really the only way your parents could track you down if they were looking for you. We had a huge city park less than a mile from my childhood home with softball fields, tennis courts, a playground, bike trails and all sorts of other ways to get into trouble. And if my friends and I weren’t there, we’d be in the woods between my neighborhood & the Merrimack river. There were dozens of trails to ride bikes on, and plenty of trains to throw rocks at.

What can I say? I was a delinquent.

There’s a lot of food rules on this list of the “top rules of the house” which I found interesting. People seriously limited their kids to only one glass of milk a day?


What were some of the “rules” in your house?

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