We come for your daughter, Chuck!

I am DEFINITELY getting this one.

DVDs are mostly a thing of the past with streaming services being so popular.

But don’t tell my wife. She has about 2,500 DVDs in our basement that sit, collecting dust.

However, the DVD 4k Ultra collector set is becoming a highly anticipated item lately, with classic films like Friday the 13th, Braveheart, and The Blues Brothers(just to name a few) recently released.

They usually come with all sorts of nifty little trinkets, and the new Beetlejuice 4k Ultra HD Steelbook is coming out soon and you can pre-order it now on Amazon for just $49.99!

It comes with the DVD, obviously…a glow in teh dark embroidered patch, a Betelgeuse poster, collectible chalk(to draw your own door), and MORE!

Check out all the info here!

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