OJ with pulp SUCKS!

More “unpopular” opinions.

Coming in HOT with the first two questions.

I’m a tomato guy. Not the kinda guy that puts them on every sammich, but I don’t have a problem with a big slice of a tomato in my BLT or some cherry tomatoes in my salad.

Looks like I’m in the majority when it comes to this new poll on Buzzfeed about “Unpopular Opinions”

And I’m not really a fan of Nickelback, but I also don’t understand all the internet hatred for them.

There’s a bunch of random questions on this poll, including a question about “Friends”, and a “Babies should be banned from movie theaters”(I agree wholeheartedly)

I gotta be honest, I never knew that putting a period at the end of a text COULD make it seem more aggressive. I’m sorry I like to use proper spelling and puncuation.

Check out the poll here!

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