Tonight’s “Strawberry Moon”

There’s going to be a FULL moon tonight. Not sure if’ you’ll also be able to see Uranus.

Sorry. Uranus jokes will ALWAYS be funny.

But in all seriousness, there’s going to be a “Strawberry Moon” tonight. The moon is going to be bigger & more colorful than other full moons because of it’s path across the sky.

And there’s some other intersting info about a “Strawberry Moon”

  1. It’s going to follow a low, shallow path across the sky, meaning the moonlight will travel through more of the Earth’s atmosphere, and should give it a colorful orange of yellow tint.
  2. Because it’ll be so low, you might experience something called “Moon illusion“. It’s an optical illusion where the moon looks bigger than normal, because your brain tends to see things that are close to the horizon as larger than they actually are.
  3. There’s also a lunar eclipse, but you won’t be able to see it in the US. You can, of course, watch it online. The Virtual Telescope Project’s YouTube channel will live-stream it starting later this morning.
  4. This will be our sixth full moon of the year, and we’ve got seven more to go before 2021. The next one will be the “Buck Moon” on July 5th.

So, if you’re having a few beers in the backyard later tonight, take a look up & check out the “Strawberry Moon”!

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