They one where Shaw mispronounced “pheromones”

This week, a LOT of Coronavirus stuff as panic starts to set in…including a bunch of “Coronavirus Porn” popping up online.

We also played “Fact or Bullcrap – Dr. Seuss edition” for Dr. Seuss day….we discussed a recent thread on Reddit about the “dumb things you thought as a kid“. Plus, an amazing festival in Australia, a list of DIY stuff that millennials can’t/won’t do.

Brian went off about trying to plan a trip to Iowa with some friends in April…and Shaw invented a new word! And now that Bloomberg dropped out of the Presidential race, we had a list of 

things on his “To-Do” list. Plus, a list of the “Least popular cereals”, and some other things to do around the house now that we’re changing the clocks again.


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